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Hack The Box

So a team member at work mentioned https://www.hackthebox.eu today, I mistook it for a project I had been following previously called http://root-the-box.com/. But i decided to check it out and was quite pleasantly surprised.

To get an invite to hack the box you have to do an entry level attack against their website, while not completely trivial it wasn’t a 10 second deal. After a few minutes working the the problem I got my invite code and joined the 4,000 other folks who were attempting to Hack the Box!

I must say, their web interface is AMAZING. The submission of proof files to validate that you got either user or root level access on the system is top notch, as well as the reset/point system. The social aspect is also quite well done. All in all I think their setup is excellent. Considering they work entirely on donations the systems run quite well. They have 20 active boxes currently and are looking to release another box in the near future. While the population of folks is not as controlled as the PWK environment was, it is not bad overall, very nice folks and not toxic at all.

I can see many ways that Offensive Security would benefit from a front-end similar to this for their Lab environments, however I must give praise to Offensive Security in the fact that many, many systems are linked and there is a requirement to pivot between systems to be able to attack systems in networks not directly accessible by the end user. Hack the Box feels very much like a hosted Vulnhub environment which is to say it is quite good and entertaining but not cohesive in its systems.

Overall I can see myself spending many hours on this system, in my short time since joining I feel quite good in having owned 4 systems and 6 users. While I will not dedicate as much time as I did in PWK this looks to be an excellent way to reinforce skills previously learned and provide many more hours of frustration and excitement.

Penetration Testing With Kali (PWK) - OSCP Review

Well, I completed my OSCP lab time in late December and it was a great experience. I had to devote countless hours during the 3 month lab time to completing the exercises as well as attempting to break into as many systems as possible. Overall the training was excellent with the provided materials being very well organized and explained extremely well. I was already well versed with various techniques used in the class, however my experience outside of Metasploit was somewhat limited. The prohibition of using metasploit modules against most of the exam systems really motivated me to break into all the systems without the aid of Metasploit; I did however use meterpreter to make persistence a bit easier.

Cybrary.it - Post Exploitation Hacking

I completed another quality Cybrary course today. This one was rather brisk, while it had a decent amount of content I found that I already had a good grasp of most of it. That being said, it did provide a good brush up on ways to hide tracks on Linux systems that I did not have good experience with (touch and shell within a shell). Surprisingly it did not cover things in linux that may or may not work depending on the implementation, such as adding a space prior to commands to have them bypass bash_history. It did have great coverage of wmic which I had not used in the past for information gathering with a pen testing mentality, I suppose it makes a ton of sense as I had used it for administrative information gathering in the past, I guess I had just not made the leap to using it as a red teamer. Good stuff.

Overall I liked it, I do feel it would have fit in the Advanced Pen Testing Course as extra lessons, but separation also works.

Vulnhub - Billy Madison 1.0

So I came across Billy Madison 1.0, a recently published vulnerable system. As I had really enjoyed this author’s previous Tommy Boy 1.0, I decided to have at it. Boy was it fun, but I did run across a few hurdles along the way due to my thinking.

Big thanks to Brian Johnson for making it and helping me waste several hours of my life on it.

Vulnhub - Breach 2.1

An Office Space themed VM Breach 2.1 written by mrb3n, was a continuation on Breach 1.0, which I enjoyed so I downloaded it to continue on.

Vulnhub - Breach 1

An Office Space themed VM Breach 1 written by mrb3n, sounded like a blast, and considering there were 2 in the series it seemd like something worth trying.

Vulnhub - Mr. Robot 1

A Mr. Robot themed VM, aptly named Mr. Robot written by jason, sounded amusing as I quite like the show. So I decided to get it a try.

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Vulnhub - Stapler

An Office Space themed VM Stapler written by g0tmi1k, sounded like a bunch of fun. So I decided to get it a try.

Vulnhub - Tommy Boy 1.0

So I came across Tommy Boy 1.0 and I was a fan of the movie and it sounded fun, I decided to give it a go. It was quite fun really enjoyed it, especially all the trolls in it.

Big thanks to Brian Johnson for making it and helping me waste several hours of my life on it.

Vulnhub - Necromancer

Looking through the more recent VulnHub entries I came across Necromancer written by xerubus, sounded interesting enough so I decided to take a stab at it.

Quite fun, some pretty neat tricks in it.

Cybrary.it - Advanced Penetration Testing

I completed another quality Cybrary course today. This one took me a bit longer than my previous one as it had some good overviews of some tools I did not have a ton of experience with. I also ended up skipping a couple parts that I felt I had a very good understanding. My overall experience was good, it some great information. The presenter also did a great job and was obviously quite knowledgeable in the area. However, I am a bit taken back by calling this Advanced Penetration Testing. That being said I did not take the lower level courses so I may just be biased on this one.

That being said once I got to Exploit Development I adored the course. Exploit Development is something I feel quite weak in so going through that really opened my eyes on how to do many of these stack based exploits. I supposed I was always intimidated by the concepts, but in the end its really not black magic (to start at least). It really peaked my interest and has gotten me to look for more exploit development training and challenges.

Overal, take it. Its worth it especially for the price.

Cybrary.it - Web Application Penetration Testing

I completed my first Cybrary course today to brush up on Web Application PenTesting. I ran through it in a couple of hourse, and honestly skipped a couple parts that I felt I had a very good understanding of. My overall experience was good, it had tons of good information and I quite liked the presenter. I feel he did an good job at presenting an Introduction to Web Application Testing.

I would recommend this course for anyone starting out in WebApp PenTesting or anyone who has been away from it for a while. I believe it helped me remember my previous training, as well as it introduced me to a couple of other tools that I had not previously been exposed to like sqlsus. I really enjoyed it and plan on doing other trainings from Cybrary in the near future.

Cybrary.it Training

So today I got wind of a Cybrary. Pretty neat free InfoSec training (and some other topics as well), something similar to SecurityTube. It had quite a good selection of courses I want to take to brush up on pen testing and improve the skills. So I’ll post some reviews of those as I complete them.

OSCP Training

Woot, so I got approved to take OSCP, so planning on starting that the end of September. That gives me a month to get my feet wet on Exploit Development, since that is a very weak area of mine.

I’m expecting that with my previous trainings, and experiences that I won’t have issues on many parts of it, but I know I’ll have to Try Harder many, many, many times so electing to go with the 90 days of labs option so I can fully exploit everything there is in the Lab Environment before going to the exam.

Vulnhub - SecTalks: BNE0x03 - Simple

Quick little VM Simple CTF written by Robert Winkel, sounded like a good simple one to tackle when brushing up Web App testing.

Short, sweet, and still learned something.


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