I completed another quality Cybrary course today. This one was rather brisk, while it had a decent amount of content I found that I already had a good grasp of most of it. That being said, it did provide a good brush up on ways to hide tracks on Linux systems that I did not have good experience with (touch and shell within a shell). Surprisingly it did not cover things in linux that may or may not work depending on the implementation, such as adding a space prior to commands to have them bypass bash_history. It did have great coverage of wmic which I had not used in the past for information gathering with a pen testing mentality, I suppose it makes a ton of sense as I had used it for administrative information gathering in the past, I guess I had just not made the leap to using it as a red teamer. Good stuff.

Overall I liked it, I do feel it would have fit in the Advanced Pen Testing Course as extra lessons, but separation also works.